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How to Choose Your Seattle Pest Control Company

There’s no worse way to start the spring and summer months than getting bugged by pesky pests. If you know you have a pest problem, it can be a knee-jerk response to call up the same pest control expert that your family has been using for years.

But is it really the right idea to use the same Seattle pest control service over and over simply because you’ve always used them? To make sure that you’re getting the best service possible, you should choose a pest control company that perfectly fits your needs.

Knowledge is the first thing to arm yourself with in your battle against pests! Here’s our ultimate guide on how to choose your Seattle pest control company.

Licensing and Qualifications

When you choose a pest control company in Seattle, there can be a lot of options to choose from. However, some of these options do not have the correct licensing and registration to effectively handle your pest problems.

Having a pest control company that is licensed by the state of Washington ensures that your service will be in accordance with pest control best practices, and that the team will be comprised of true pest control experts.

You can check here to see if your Seattle pest control company is fully licensed. When you work with Pest Solutions by Clean Crawls, you know that you’re working with one of the most well-recognized and licensed pest control companies in the Seattle area.

Excellent Customer Service

Pest control needs vary situation by situation, and it’s imperative that you work with a pest control expert who knows how to listen to your needs.

When your home is invaded by pests, such as the dreaded Seattle rats, it’s easy for emotions to run a little high. Ideally, you’ll want to work with a Seattle pest control company that takes the time to explain its full process to you and make sure that the treatment plan fits your needs and budget.

Providing this type of customer service is something that Clean Crawls is extraordinarily passionate about. We’ve been recognized by many different organizations for our superior service, and plan to continue delighting our customers as we provide professional pest control solutions.


Exterminations and poison seem to go hand in hand. When you work with a pest control expert, it’s likely that they’ll be using pesticides of some sort to eliminate your pest woes. But are they handling the materials safely and cautiously?

Make sure that your Seattle pest control company exercises the following tenets of safe pest control:

  • Do they use environmentally-friendly pesticides when possible?
  • Do they wear protective equipment when appropriate?
  • Are they insured in order to cover themselves, you, and your property?
  • Are they cautious and careful as they traverse your property?

Clean Crawls is dedicated to providing safe and effective pest control for its customers, and always take measures to ensure that the job is completed to maximum satisfaction while exercises the utmost caution.


Value may be the most important part of the equation when working with Seattle pest control companies.

Many professional pest control services will overcharge for what they provide, simply because they know you’re in a difficult bargaining position. Rodent services in Seattle are one example of this, as people are often in a big hurry to eliminate their rat troubles. This can lead to hasty decisions and overpaying for what you receive.

When you work with Clean Crawls, you have flexibility in your treatment options. We offer a pest control maintenance plan that covers all of your pest needs and prevents issues in the future. Whatever sort of Seattle pest control services you’re in need of, we can find a solution that fits your unique situation.


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