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Family: Vespidae
Order: Hymenoptera
There are quite a few varieties of wasps in North America, including the yellow jacket, hornet and paper wasp. All wasps have chewing mouth parts and females posses a stinger. Our guarantee is extended to most home owners, please contact for further details.


Varieties common in North America are the yellow jacket, hornet and paper wasp. The colour ranges from black to combinations of black with yellow, white or brown markings. The slim, winged body measures 10 to 19 mm (l/2″ to 3/4″). All wasp species have chewing mouth parts and the females possess a stinger.


Colonies consist of queens, workers and males. Nests can be found around buildings on verandas, under eaves, ceilings, attics or in trees and shrubs. Several types of wasps build nests under ground. They are also found within spaces inside walls.

Threats to You

Wasps are not inherently aggressive by nature. They will sting if they feel that they are being threatened or their nest is in danger. Wasps stings are particularly painful. Allergic reactions to stings can be fatal if they are not treated immediately.

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