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Colour: Brown
Family: Blaberidae
Order: Blattaria
There have been more than 50 disease causing organisms found on cockroach bodies. All cockroaches increase the risk of cross-contamination, but they still remain a very common pest, especially around kitchens. Luckily, cockroach problems are usually eliminated within a single visit. Our guarantee is extended to most home owners, please contact for further details.


To most civilians, all cockroaches tend to look alike. However, there are quite a few major species of significance, all unwelcome pests. The most common cockroach in Canada is the German cockroach. It measures 15 mm (3/4″) when fully grown and has a flattened oval body with long , spindly legs. Both male and female are winged. The colouring is light brown with two dark brown stripes running lengthwise on the thorax (mid-section).


The main attractions for a cockroach are food, water and shelter. For them, almost anything is food, from actual food items, to cloth, to even the glue used for binding books. They can be found in any part of the building, but most prefer damp environments. Most cockroaches are active at night, thus potentially leaving people unaware of their presence.

Threats to You

Cockroaches have been known to spread at least 33 different types of bacteria, six types of parasitic worms, and at least seven other types of human pathogens. As they crawl through sewage or other decaying matter, cockroaches pick up germs on their body and legs, and then carry these into food or onto food surfaces. Germs traveling on the cockroach may remain active for several weeks. Recent medical studies have shown that cockroaches can many allergic reactions in inner city children, and infestations have been known to cause child asthma.

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