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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Colour: Brownish-red
Family: Cimicidae
Order: Hemiptera
Bed bugs are found all across the world.  These pests primarily feed on the blood of humans.  Bed bug infestations have highly emotional impacts on their victims and their families and can generally only be eliminated by a highly trained professional. Pesterminate’s bed bug services include at least two visits that include steaming, residual spraying and dusting of the infected zones.  Our guarantee is extended to most home owners, please contact for further details.


Bed bugs are gray to reddish-brown in colour, oval and flat, and are approximately 1 to 5 mm (1/16″ to 3/16″) in size. Bed bugs will be closely associated with the bed and surrounding objects such as headboards and end tables. Upon hatching, the nymph is a translucent flesh color which makes it difficult to see until it has its first blood meal, making it easily visible due to the red blood.


Bed bug tend to hide in cracks and crevices during the day. Their main living areas are the box springs, mattress and bed frame. They can also be found in couches, sofas, pillows, dressers, cabinets, stuffed toys etc. At night it feeds on its victims, usually human but can include birds and pets.

Threats to You

Those living with bedbug infestations are subjected to bites which turn into wheals or hives. Reaction to bites may take up to nine days to appear. These reactions include itching, skin rashes, allergic reactions and on occasion, other allergic symptoms. Areas most commonly affected are the arms and shoulders.

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