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With over 22 species of squirrels found in Canada, squirrels are hilarious, a constant eating machine, come in different sizes and colors and are found in almost every provinces in Canada.

Squirrels are as Canadians as maple syrup. We all have met this 4 toes on forefeet; 5 on hind feet little creature. There is great variation in size: the largest Canadian squirrel, the hoary marmot, is 80 cm long and weighs 6 kg; the smallest, the least chipmunk, 22 cm and 50 g.


In Canada most species reproduce once annually. Mating occurs in spring; gestation lasts 24-44 days and litters average 3-8 young, depending on species. At birth young are hairless and poorly developed; growth is rapid. Except flying squirrels, all Canadian species of squirrel, are diurnal. While most ground squirrels hibernate, tree squirrels are active year round. Some are gregarious; others, solitary. Tree squirrels generally build nests; ground-dwelling species dig burrows.


The much loved squirrel can turn into a nuisance pest causing even dangerous structural damage to the property. Apart from that grey squirrels are carriers of the squirrel parapox virus – also known as the squirrelpox virus – to which the greys themselves appear to be immune. The wooden beams in attics, your much cared paper and fabric products can turn into a squirrel infested inhabitation. Squirrels tear through insulation as they scavenge for nest materials when winter approaches – and they’ll urinate and defecate everywhere in the process.


We never suggest a one size fit solution for every household. Pesterminate expert technicians will scan every element and space of squirrel infestation in your property and come up with a customized solution fit for your needs. When it comes to squirrel removal, Pesterminate always gives you the guaranteed plan with a holistic approach that looks into the future, removes squirrels and babies immediately and reorganize the infested place.

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