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Skunks are notorious for a foul-smelling secretion (mercaptan) produced in a pair of anal glands that can be projected a distance of 3 to 4 metres.


There are three groups of skunks represented by eight species in North America, but only two species occur in Canada. The striped skunk is the one familiar to most Canadians. Its range extends from central Mexico to Nunavut and the Northwest Territories and from the Maritimes to west-central British Columbia. Skunks prefer woodlands, open areas, grasslands and valleys. This species is also a regular inhabitant of farmsteads and cities. Skunks live in abandoned dens of other mammals, including groundhogs and foxes. They will also live in rock piles, stumps, or even under houses or porches.


Though skunks rarely use their defensive ominous spray, it might be obvious for you to feel uneasy seeing the presence of skunks in your property.  When encountered, you might stay safe seeing the warning signs that skunks do before the terrible spray but often pets specially dogs overlook those signs and fall a prey.  It is not uncommon for skunks, with their climbing abilities and weak eyesight, to become trapped in a window well or similarly deep pit. The skunk is one of four wild animals (including the fox, raccoon and bat) considered to be primary carriers of the rabies virus and is, therefore, classified as a rabies vector species. Skunks have also been known to carry leptospirosis.


Skunks are opportunists at heart — they’re mainly attracted to low-hanging fruit like garbage and pet food left out at night, as well as convenient denning sites, such as wood and rock piles, elevated sheds, openings under concrete slabs and porches and crawl spaces. With a deeper understanding of the creature, we will take-Preventive measures, such as removing attractants around houses, Exclusion techniques to proactively prevent denning in future cases.

Whatever you do, don’t approach the skunk yourself.


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