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Colour: Reddish to greyish-brown with buff-white under parts
Family: Muridae
Order: Rodentia
The most common rat found in Canada and the United States is the Norway Rat. Rats primarily attack the food on the farm fields, orchards, and livestock facilities, as well as during its processing, storage and transport, and while it is in our supermarkets, restaurants and homes. However, rats don’t eat everything. The items they do not, they contaminating it with their urine, feces or fur, thus spoiling them. It is estimated that rodents, namely rats and mice, destroy enough food per year to feed 200 million people. Our guarantee is extended to most home owners, please contact for further details.


The Norway rat has a short, stocky body weighing in at 200 to 500 grams. It is covered in coarse body hair and is usually reddish to greyish-brown with buff-white under parts. Its nose is blunt and its tail is scaly and shorter than the head and body combined.


Rats are a pest found year round. They oftentimes live outside, migrating inside when cold weather approaches. Rats nest in any safe location where both food and water are available, such as under rubbish, between walls or between floors. Outdoors, they will have burrows in the ground. They gnaw through wood and electrical wires, capable of causing extensive damage.

Threats to You

Rodent droppings are extremely toxic, and can cause many diseases such as hantavirus. They may also bite if they feel cornered or threatened.

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