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Infested with Raccoons? Call us now, to have a customized plan of action and a firm price estimate.

With the certified and expert hands of technicians, Pesterminate will identify the raccoon’s den, identify the entry points and focus on long-term solutions. Take our guaranteed approach to remove raccoons from your property and stay ensured not to see raccoons again. We ensure the best practices are followed as per the guideline of “Toronto Wild Life Centre”. Pesterminate removes raccoons from your property with live traps or any other best possible way, check the space for raccoon babies, seal the holes and remove the racoons without causing any sign of harms to it.

Having any problems with raccoons in GTA? Get a comprehensive and customized quote.

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We are open for business through this pandemic

Pests do not follow social distancing!

To know what we are doing to help reduce the spread of COVI-19 visit the following link about our protection policy

Covid-19 protection policy
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