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Colour: Grey
Family: Muridae
Order: Rodentia


The house mouse is dusty grey in colour and measures from 110 to 150 mm in length with large ears and small eyes. The tail is usually the same length as the mouse. The house mouse is sometimes confused with the deer mouse which is pale grey to reddish brown in colour, with a white underside, and a two coloured tail.


These miice are nibblers and accordinlgy tend to make small holes or other small points of dmage in many places rather than a lot of damage at one place. The house mouse has a sharp sense of touch, smell, and hearing. They can run, climb, jump and swim very well. The house mouse is considered one of the biggest structural pests, capable of causing serious economic loss, health hazards and an unsanitary environment. House mice generally eat the same food as humans, including cereals, seeds, fruits and vegetables and are especially partial sweet liquids and peanut butter.

Threats to You

Rodent droppings are extremely toxic, and can cause many diseases such as hantavirus. They may also bite if they feel cornered or threatened.

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