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Fruit Flies

Fruit Flies

Colour: Yellow

Family: Drosophilidae

Order: Diptera

Fruit fly problems can only be solved through investigating breeding sites and corrective sanitary measures. Installation of traps containing fly attractant will reduce adult populations. Our guarantee is extended to most home owners, please contact for further details.


Wild fruit flies have red eyes, are yellow-brown in colour, and have transverse black rings across their abdomen. They exhibit sexual dimorphism: females are about 2.5 mm long; males are slightly smaller and the back of their bodies is darker. Males are easily distinguished from females based on colour differences, due to having a distinct black patch at the abdomen, less noticeable in recently emerged flies. As well, males have a cluster of spiky hairs surrounding the reproducing parts used to attach to the female during mating.


Fruit flies are commonly encountered in fermenting waste material, especially fruit and vegetable matter. They are also common in areas where soft drinks, alcohol, beer, ice cream and fermenting flour are found. Garbage and recycling bins are ideal locations to breed. Newly developed adults are attracted to light.

Threats to You

Fruit Flies generally make homes in unsanitary conditions, from which they transfer contamination between surfaces. These unwelcome house guests should be eliminated quickly to avoid health concerns.


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