Our innovative service is guaranteed to get rid of your insect problems, while our protection services make sure your home is always protected.

  • A Power Pest Control Technician will conduct a thorough inspection within your home. Examples from the diagram below are the following:
  • Headboard, night stand, bedframe, mattress, box spring, dresser drawers, baseboards
  • We will look for the signs of infestations such as fecal matter, castings (skin cells), and live or dead bedbugs. A detailed a report with findings will be presented to you and with a proper course of action in terms of preparation for the actual treatment


  • Power Pest Control bedbug services start at @ $349 plus tax per room.  A potential client will call us to discuss their bedbug problem in which a Power Pest Control pest management professional will ask a series of questions to determine if bedbugs are actually present in the home
  • If bedbugs are present in the home the service professional will steam treat all fabric items, spray all baseboards and spot treat furniture with insecticide and apply a residual dust insecticide in wall void such as electrical outlets
  • Pricing includes a MANDATORYfollow up in two weeks in which a follow up spray will be completed.
  • During the treatment the service professional will make recommendation if it is safe to purchase bedbug covers for the mattress or if it would be safer to just throw out infested items

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