Pharaoh Ant

Family: Formicidae
Order: Hymenoptera

Pharaoh ants live in imperceptible multi-colonies and are very difficult to eradicate. More than a dozen pathogenic bacteria have been found on pharaoh ants, which can be spread to your food. Please note, the detection and elimination of pharaoh ants is a difficult and lengthy process. Liquids, aerosol and dusts are to never be used by the homeowner after our service, as this will cause the colony to bud (scatter). Our guarantee is extended to most home owners, please contact for further details.


Pharaoh ants are 1.5 mm in length and tend to be yellow or light brown to red in colour. Their small size makes them difficult to see with visual inspection. Nests are usually located near warm moist, inaccessible areas, such as behind baseboards, in furniture, under floors, and between linens.


Pharaoh ants mate in their nests and spread by splitting the colony, or budding. They have no nestmate recognition, resulting in zero hostility between colonies. A single colony may contain as many as 2,500 workers, but the close proximity of multiple colonies can give the illusion of a single, large, supercolony.